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Trading Questions

Trading Different is a company that offers training and improvement courses aimed at creating traders who optimize their way of analyzing the cryptocurrency markets, through quantitative and technological analysis, which allows them to anticipate the movements of large operators.

Instructs you with specific courses that help you identify yourself within the markets, allowing you to know your weaknesses and strengths and be able to act accordingly.

It offers you the opportunity to use your own and unique tools such as Liquidation Pools, the TrenDiff Indicator and the High Frequency graph, which improve the power of analysis of the trader. If you do not have trading knowledge, it trains you from scratch and if you have previous knowledge, it helps you perfect it.

Trading Different incorporates you into its community, sharing its strategies and teaching you with its trainers, how it operates. He transmits his way of understanding the market, his philosophy and enables you to know all the path that has been traveled and traversed to be able to overcome the manipulation of high-frequency bots and achieve the much-desired profitability. Empathy, sensitivity and recognizing the other as a sentient being is one of the premises of our community, for this reason the group of trainers will be by your side when you require it. It teaches you to use your own market indicators, to carry out an adequate backtest and to evaluate the results with a correct strategy.

Trading Different is a before and after your trading, since with the course you will obtain a systematic and proven way of operating, using correct risk and capital management.
We are a community of real traders, not a signal group that doesn't even risk their own capital. We are different because we look for different strategies, that's why we develop our own indicators, we don't copy basic and classic strategies because we know they don't work, otherwise everyone would win.
  • Those who want to trade and understand that neither classic indicators nor simple charting strategies, such as drawing a triangle or following a candlestick pattern, can work.
  • Those who want to understand how they manipulate an illiquid and unregulated market like cryptocurrency and use their cheats to their advantage.
  • Those who are not fooled by groups of signals or cheap bots that promise ridiculous impossible profits (always asking why if they earn 100% or even 1000% per month they need to sell a signal or bot for a few dollars?).
Cryptocurrency (or cryptocurrency) trading is the profession or art of investing capital around the movements of their prices, carrying out purchase and sale operations of the aforementioned cryptocurrencies in a specific trading market, achieving a remainder of profits in each trade, whether the price is in an uptrend or downtrend. In digital stock markets, trading is speculation on financial instruments with the aim of making a profit. For Trading Different, trading is mainly based on the correct quantitative analysis, the use of the right tools for the current market and the application of a specific strategy to be able to operate at a profitable margin.
In principle, any computer allows you to visualize and operate the necessary tools for trading (analysis and exchange), but to carry out efficient operations, it is necessary to have a good computer and that it has the necessary resources. Trading Different recommends: a solid drive (instead of hard drives, solid drives are faster), an Intel Core i5 10400T or Ryzen 3 3300X processor or better, and at least 8 GB of RAM.
Anyone with the necessary knowledge, training and practices can be a trader or trade. It must be taken into account that at least one must be able to operate two fundamental tools that make up the trader's activity: those for asset analysis (for example, TradingView) and those for executing operations (for example, Binance, BitMex, etc.).
We clarify that investing in cryptocurrencies is an activity that does not require you to be of legal age to carry it out and there is no minimum age to start trading with digital assets. However, most exchanges, for example Binance, have KYC requirements to verify accounts. KYC, also known as Know Your Customer or Meet Your Client, are some requirements that exchanges request to verify that you are really the holder of your account. The exchange verifies your account by requesting photos of your ID and your face, in this step the age is controlled and minors have many limitations regarding the amounts that can be dumped in each operation or movement of the trader.
  • Knowledge, training and practice of trading.
  • Investment capital.
  • Analysis tools for digital financial assets.
  • Tools to execute purchase and sale operations of digital financial assets.
  • A computer with good speed.
  • Good internet service.
Yes you can! At Trading Different we offer you the chance to learn to trade based on backtested and proven strategies, created by traders who make a living from this profession.
It is an independent profession, whether you have a parallel job or profession or not, you can organize, adapt or create your schedules according to your personal schedule.

You don't have bosses, you say how, when, where and how.

You don't have clients, you don't have people in charge, you don't have to deal with demands or claims.

Everything is online, you don't have to leave your house.

It can be done from anywhere in the world as long as the internet service arrives.

The profits have no ceiling, there is no fixed salary, the greater the dedication, the greater the probability of generating profits.

You have more schedule availability to spend time with your family or dedicate yourself to what you are most passionate about apart from trading.

Being a trader is a lifestyle and you can manage it 100% according to the criteria and taste that you decide.
Absolutely not! You can train and train yourself in the profession of a trader and in this way operate your own positions or operations as you consider best.

Trading Different recommends not sharing usernames and passwords or any sensitive information.
At first glance there are no impediments to being a trader, but it is worth clarifying that the trader's profession and its daily operations, especially when it is short or very short term, such as scalping operations, anxiety and fatigue can be decisive in decisions finals. For this reason, if the trader recognizes himself as anxious or is diagnosed with anxiety disorders, it is recommended to exercise the activity with a good rest status or reduce his trading hours.

Trading Different teaches you to manage risk and take losses. Trading is not synonymous with bets or chance, if you train yourself as a good trader, you will learn that you should not put your capital at risk, nor should you risk all your profits in a compound operation, our premise is to preserve investment capital.

If you have gambling problems, it is very likely that trading is not a suitable profession for you.

We understand a "gambler" as those people who exhibit completely reckless behavior in which they do not measure the risks and simply take actions at random and hoping for the best. Our job as traders is to realize that when trading, we must behave in a completely different way. When we carry out an operation, we must consider the potential result of it (the profit or loss that can be derived from it) and measure the risk that we want to assume.

In Trading Different you will learn to do a correct Backtest and evaluate a strategy, we have a community that continually takes advantage of our tool.

Questions about the Liquidation Pools

They are the creation of Engineer Iván Paz, Trader and CEO of Trading Different and make up a unique tool that allows you to be profitable in trading, overcome the manipulation that exists in the markets and increase the profit margin.
They are mathematical algorithms developed by Trading Different, which have the ability to represent graphically, in this case in a heat map, where you can see the areas of greatest liquidity. The information is extracted from the Binance, BitMEX, Bybit and Deribit exchanges, through an application programming interface (API).

"Liquidation Pools are price zones, which indicate through a mathematical algorithm, where all traders who enter the market over-leveraged could lose. This algorithm developed by the Trading Different team , shows us where the price would be most likely to go, forced by high-frequency bots.These high-frequency bots take advantage of market failures, force the price in one direction, and use Stop Loss and Liquidation Point zones to be able to close out your high-volume winning positions.

We have a specific tutorial that explains the concept of Liquidation Pools: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWgV2CTQ_h8
Liquidity indicators such as Bookmap, Atas, Tensorcharts, etc., may seem similar at first glance, but Pools are very different. In these indicators the Order Book is graphed, that is, the liquidity outside the market, in the Pools we graph the liquidity inside the market.

Our algorithm calculates, with different probabilities, where the Stop Loss of over-leveraged traders will be liquidated or executed. We know that 90% of those traders will lose and based on that we develop our strategies.
In our Discord server, you can find the #tutorials channel, which has a lot of information of interest to learn how to operate the Liquidation Pools.
In our community there are trainers with whom you can channel your doubts and evacuate them at the moment.
You can communicate through Discord o e-mail. In addition, we carry out live zooms to make inquiries and carry out operations in the community.

We also have a Telegram group through which we send communications and invite to participate in webinars (web conferences), which we carry out with the community in order to analyze the market.
Liquidation Pools have to be configured and/or filtered, depending on what each trader wants to see, such as volume type, hours, etc. Also, depending on where the price is at the moment, the Pools group must also be configured:
  • If the price is in the $60,000s, the Pools group should be set to 6.
  • If the price is in the $50,000s, the Pools group should be set to 5.
  • If the price is in the $40,000s, the Pools group should be set to 4.
You have to remember that you have to zoom in a bit.
There is no standard way to set the Liquidation Pools!

We have specific tutorials to learn how to filter pools correctly:

- How to filter Liquidation Pools: https://youtu.be/m7bQwcujvqQ
- Configuration of Pools in groups: https://youtu.be/RkJv7V7nu0s
Pools can be viewed in 1m, 5m, 15m, 1h, 4h and 1D time frames. They help us to do analysis both in scalping operations and in swing operations.
At the moment you can see: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), Binance Coin (BNB), Avalanche (AVAX), Polygon (MATIC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Tron (TRX), Ripple (XRP) and SOL (SOLANA).
We support Binance, BitMEX, Bybit and Deribit. However, being an analysis platform, many traders use other exchanges to carry out their operations (for example Bitget, BingX or another). In conclusion, you can operate, based on the Liquidation Pools, in any Exchange.
Thanks to our tools, we develop unique strategies to operate in different market conditions. They are completely tested and proven in real operations with an average effectiveness greater than 70%. The trader knows that winning and losing are two inescapable elements in the market. Liquidation Pools by themselves do not guarantee profits or positive results, but the strategies that we develop based on these tools offer a completely measured and backtested trading methodology, obtaining very good results in their historical data. Therefore, we have probabilities in favor for those patterns to be fulfilled in the future.
You can access through the course or with the subscription.
You can keep the tools active through an active subscription, all according to the plan that best fits your personal budget.

Questions about Effectiveness and Capital

A trading strategy is made up of a series of planned and studied actions that help make decisions aimed at achieving the best possible results. The strategy is aimed at achieving a winning objective, always respecting the operating guidelines.

Liquidation Pools, like other tools, are part of a strategy and they can be used in different ways, even in cases where the trader wants to create their own strategies, always under the responsibility of him.

The strategies that have a measured and average effectiveness of 70% are the ones that are taught in the course, so it is very important to do it! Between them:
  • Bounce to end of pool
  • Enter in favor of the pool
  • Strategy with TrenDiff
The average annual profit that can be made will depend on the strategy, we have some that have 25%, 40% and others 60%. It will also mainly depend on which one is running. In addition, human factors must be taken into account, the skills that are being developed as traders and the experience in front of the graph.
Because we have been applying it for years and with good results, both our own and that of our users. Our system is based on basic truths about the market (First Principle / First Principle Thinking):
  • The market is a zero-sum competition, when one wins another loses.
  • The crypto market is unregulated and therefore subject to manipulation.
  • The crypto market has little liquidity.
  • 90% of traders lose money.
With these premises we developed the Liquidation Pools, an indicator that allows us to anticipate manipulations, knowing the areas where most traders will lose. Using that information, we develop our strategies.
The minimum and necessary capital to operate is 2000 USD. This amount will allow the trader to purchase the products and services provided from the platform for USD 562 per year and the remaining capital will be used as investment capital (respecting the premises of "risk management").

Based on these numbers, a minimum annual 39% must be achieved to absorb the cost of the product package investment. Any amount greater than that percentage will be profit.
Each trader must calculate how much capital they will need based on their standard of living and experience in the market.
Trading Different metrics are produced based on various backtests and many operations carried out by advanced traders and in real time.

Having these metrics increases the chances that they can be met in the future, but no strategy is a guarantee of profit. The market can change and the strategies can stop working and that risk is always there. If that scenario comes, they will adjust.

Questions about Discord

Discord is a social platform that allows you to create chat channels for different purposes. It is normal to think of Discord as something similar to Skype, although we must clarify that it includes much more professional functions and tools. This application has versions for both PC and mobile devices, as well as a client that you can use directly from the browser.

Among its functions, it allows you to chat by text, by voice and even hold video conferences for free. It is a tool with a great impact on the trader community, because it is a perfect application to meet friends, colleagues and fellow traders and organize positions in the digital financial assets market and above all because it allows you to talk with other traders (while you are trading). with its voice chat features.
To do this, go to the page: https://discord.com First, it will show you the download option from the mobile/cellular device (if you do it from it) from which you connect to the web. Below you will see the rest of the operating system options, you just have to choose the one that corresponds to your computer or device.

In the case of the mobile/cellular device, a pop-up window will consult you regarding the acceptance of installation of the application. In the case of the desktop / notebook computer, you must access the "downloads" folder or the one you have set, then you will look for the DiscordSetup or DiscordSetup.exe file and you must execute it (double click on it or right click "install ” on the same file.
We share this guide from our YouTube channel, which will allow you to know how you can enter our Discord server, learn how it works and its internal organization: https://www .youtube.com/watch?v=0VuY6u6cZkw&ab_channel=TradingDifferent

Common problems and their solutions

  • Try another browser.
  • Try using your mobile's 4G/5G connection (accessing from your mobile, without Wi-Fi).
  • If it works on your mobile, try sharing your 4G/5G connection to your computer (Wi-Fi Hotspot).
  • Try changing your DNS by following this guide.
  • If you use a VPN, disable it or try to change the server.
  • If you use a Firewall or an Antivirus, try to disable them.
  • If nothing works, check the connection with your Internet Provider.