First Principle

Absolute truths in trading

  • The market is a zero sum competition, when one wins another loses.
  • The crypto market is unregulated and therefore subject to manipulation.
  • The crypto market is poorly liquid.
  • 90% of traders lose money.

With these premises we developed the Liquidation Pools, an indicator that allows us to anticipate manipulations, knowing the areas where most traders will lose. Using that information, we develop our strategies.


Trade to your advantage


Use unique indicators


Build your own strategies

Be different

Unique tools in the market

We have created our own tools to develop unique strategies that allow us to differentiate ourselves in the market.

Liquidation Pools (Liquidation Heatmap)

The colored areas that can be seen in the graph are the Liquidation Pools, also known as Liquidation Heatmap, where the liquidity within the market is represented with a heat map, which work as a magnet for the price. The Liquidation Pools are price zones, which indicate through a mathematical algorithm, where the over-leveraged traders could lose.

Anticipate the trend

Algorithm that shows where the price would be most likely to go, forced by high frequency bots.

Know the bounce zones

When the price moves towards the Pools, it liquidates the positions and ends up bouncing.

Optimize your operations

Knowing this allows us to buy at minimum prices and sell at maximum prices.

Reduce your losses

We know where most traders are going to lose, therefore we can identify a better area to place our stop losses.

Intuitive graphics

TradingView's like interface.

Improve your vision of the market

They are like X-Rays in the graph that allows to identify the market manipulation.
Liquidation Pools: On Liquidation Pools: Off

Liquidity indicators like Bookmap, Atas, TensorCharts, TradingLite, etc., may look similar at first glance, but the Liquidation Pools are very different. In these indicators the Order Book is shown, that is, the liquidity outside the market, in the Liquidation Pools we show the liquidity inside the market.

Our algorithm calculates, with different probabilities, where the Stop Loss of over-leveraged traders will be liquidated or executed. We know that 90% of those traders will lose and based on that we develop our strategies.

High Frequency Chart

Reading of how the high frequency bots of the big operators are operating.

1 second interval

Reading of the buy/sell orders that enter the market every millisecond, summarized in a graph of seconds.

High frequency indicator

Indicator that accumulates and summarizes the direction in which the high-frequency bots are operating. It can be configured according to market circumstances.

Trading technique

We seek to operate in the same way that high frequency bots do.
High Frequency Chart

TrenDiff: Trend indicator

Indicator that marks the main trend of the market and helps us to operate in the same direction, seeking the Liquidation Pools as Take Profit targets.

Long and Short Trends

Indicates Long and Short trends for extended movements.


It is complemented by the Liquidation Pools, which mark the Take Profit zones.

TrenDiff Strategy

Backtested strategy with more than 70% effectiveness.
View strategy

Historical Chart

Bitcoin price history since July 2018, with all our indicators to be able to detect patterns, build strategies and backtest them.

Multi timeframe

Behavior of the price in multi timeframes: 5m, 15m, 1h y 4h.

All our indicators

Open Interest, Volumen Buy/Sell, Liquidations, TrendDiff, etc.

Search calendar

It allows you to select dates and browse the Bitcoin history.
Historical Chart

Volume Profile

Volume grouped by price levels.

Point of Control (POC)

The price level with the highest traded volume.

Profile High/Low

The highest/lowest reached price level during the specified time period.

Value Area (VA)

The range of price levels in which a specified percentage of all volume was traded during the time period.

More Indicators

Discriminated volume of buy and sale

Buy & Sell market orders

Real-time liquidations

Liquidations reported by exchanges, with margin in Bitcoin and stablecoins.

Open Interest

Open interest on Bitcoin futures, in real time.

TradingView Indicators

All indicators available in TradingView.
More Indicators

Create your own quantitative strategies

Transform your operations into a quantitative trading system, complementing the indicators that you frequently use with the Liquidation Pools.

Pools + RSI + BB

Liquidation Pools + RSI + BB

Pools + EMA + Eliot

Liquidation Pools + EMA + Elliott

Pools + ADX + MACD

Liquidation Pools + ADX + MACD

Pools + Fibo

Liquidation Pools + Fibo

Browser extension

BitXpander Plugin

It automates a series of operations within BitMEX, through a simple and easy-to-use interface. It is installed in the browser and connects via API to the Exchange. Supports Testnet environment.

BitMEX UI + BitXpander
BitMEX UI + BitXpander
BitMEX UI + BitXpander
BitMEX UI + BitXpander

Autonomous Take Profit

Automatically creates a Take Profit Limit order as soon as an open position is detected. The closing price is defined by specifying a percentage relative to the entry position.
Autonomous Take Profit

Stop Loss according to risk

Automatically creates a Stop Market order for the open position. The Stop price is defined by specifying a percentage relative to the entry position.
Stop Loss according to risk

Orders grid

Create multiple entry or exit orders within a specified price range.
Orders grid

Floating orders

It allows you to enter or exit the market with a Buy/Sell Limit order that follows the market price until it is filled.
Floating orders

Efficient Stop Loss

Set a Stop Loss Limit, to take advantage of the Fee Rebate and avoid Slippage situations, automatically adding a security Stop Loss that execute at Market.
Efficient Stop Loss

Automated spread

The volatility of the market allows to obtain profits between the purchase and sale differences that are detected in the Order Book. Set a determined Spread automatically.
Automated spread

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What do our users say?


  • The Liquidation Pools are the best and have helped me trade with confidence. Thanks to them I can trade BTC and ETH being profitable while I dedicate myself to something I like.

    I can no longer live without them, I recommend them 100%.

    Alex Cros
    Alex Cros
  • I always look forward to new updates. The truth is that BitXpander and the Liquidation Pools improved my trading by 1000%!

    Jorge Astorga
    Jorge Astorga
  • In my operations there is a before and after of the Settlement Pools. When I started trading I made the mistake of many: following a well-known YouTuber. This caused me to lose a lot of money. Then I got to know this wonderful tool and from there I started to be profitable. Knowing the liquidation points and trading those liquidations with the pools using the strategies, together with good risk management, is the best thing that could have happened to me.

    I wish I had known about them sooner!

    Germán Valladares
    Germán Valladares
  • I am new to the community. I finished the basic course and made notes in a notebook as a guide and machete... now I'm starting to backtest and practice on the BitMEX testnet.

    All the videos of the course are super interesting and didactic! course!

    Soledad Daponte
    Soledad Daponte

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Plans & Pricing

Full Plan

All the necessary tools and indicators to start improving your trading strategies.

What's included?

  • Pools
    Liquidation Pools in BTC and main altcoins (ETH, BNB, ADA, DOT, AVAX, MATIC, XRP, TRX and DOGE) in multi timeframe + Indicators (OI, Buy/Sell, Liquidations). Supported exchanges: Binance, BitMEX, Bybit and Deribit
  • Historical Chart
    Backtest all the supported symbols in different timeframes: 5m, 15m, 1h and 4h
  • 1 second BTC Chart
    With configurable High Frequency (HF) indicator
  • Volume Profile
    Volume grouped by price levels
  • TrenDiff Indicator
    Trade with our new trend indicator. Includes tutorial with Long and Short strategy
  • Community
    Access to the Discord community and Zooms with the Team
  • BitXpander
    Plugin to expand BitMEX functions and trade spread strategy

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We show you our statistics

We develop our own quantitative strategies using our indicators.
You can develop your own strategies too.

Average effectiveness
Historial trades
Unique strategies
Tools and indicators

The numbers are important

Our strategies are created using "only our indicators", demonstrating their effectiveness. They are analyzed with their backtest and corresponding metrics to be able to start working and operate with real capital. This type of data tells us about the robustness of each strategy and its risks, hence the importance of doing a backtest.

Get to know us

Trading Different Team

We have a professional team of engineers and developers who develop advanced and unique tools in the crypto market, as well as new trading strategies and systems.

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    Iván Paz

    CEO & Trader

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    Emanuel Juarez

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