On Fire Heatmap

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In this free section, you will be able to analyze and operate the cryptocurrency that is currently trending in the market, in order to take advantage of its increase in volume and large percentage movements.

The best altcoin of the moment and the one that is generating the most profits, you can analyze it with the Liquidation Heatmap where the areas of greatest liquidity within the market are represented with a heat map, which function as a magnet for the price. They indicate, through a mathematical algorithm, where all traders who enter the market over-leveraged could lose.

On Fire Heatmap

Anticipate the trend

Algorithm that shows where the price would be most likely to go, forced by high frequency bots.

Know the bounce zones

When the price moves towards the Pools, it liquidates the positions and ends up bouncing.

Optimize your operations

Knowing this allows us to buy at minimum prices and sell at maximum prices.

Reduce your losses

We know where most traders are going to lose, therefore we can identify a better area to place our stop losses.

Intuitive graphics

TradingView's like interface.

Improve your vision of the market

They are like X-Rays in the graph that allows to identify the market manipulation.