Benefits program

Exchange Affiliates

Did you know that the Exchanges could pay your subscription?

Step 1

Sign up Create your Trading Different account in less than a minute. You just need an email.


Connect your Exchange Create an account on one of the Exchanges using our affiliate link and associate your Exchange ID in your Trading Different profile.

Step 3

We give you back the commissions! Get up to 50% of your trading commissions back as credit, so you can buy or extend your subscription to Trading Different.


If you make 20 trades per month of $5000 each, with a trading fee per trade (2 orders) of 0.05%, you pay the Exchange:

20 trades * 2 orders per trade * $5000 * 0.05% = $100

Over that value paid to the Exchange, they give us back up to 50% of those commissions and we decided to return them to you!. In the previous example, we would credit you $50.