On Fire HF

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In this free section, you will be able to analyze and operate the cryptocurrency that is currently trending in the market, in order to take advantage of its increase in volume and large percentage movements.

The best altcoin of the moment and the one that is generating the most profits, you can analyze it by observing how the high-frequency bots of the large operators manipulate the price. This information provides an advantage over the rest of the market, to be able to operate in the same direction that large operators do, taking advantage of each price movement.

On Fire HF

1 second interval

Reading of the buy/sell orders that enter the market every millisecond, summarized in a graph of seconds.

High frequency indicator

Indicator that accumulates and summarizes the direction in which the high-frequency bots are operating. It can be configured according to market circumstances.

Trading technique

We seek to operate in the same way that high frequency bots do.