Bitcoin Holders

Track the latest Bitcoin holdings in publicly traded and private companies, ETFs and countries, including BlackRock, Fidelity, Grayscale and more.

BTC Spot ETF: Average Buy Price

Average BTC purchase price of each ETF and their combined weighted average.

* Only purchases made after ETF approval are considered.

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BTC Spot ETF: Flow by Day

Purchases and sales, in BTC, of each company.

Purchases and sales, in USDm, of each company.

Purchases and sales unit

BTC Spot ETF: Volume by Day

Operation volume, in dollars, of each company.

BTC Spot ETF: Net Flow and average

Total flow and current average, in BTC terms.

Bitcoin Holders by Category

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Public Companies that Own Bitcoin

Symbol Company Name Bitcoins
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Private Companies that Own Bitcoin

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Countries that Own Bitcoin

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